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Who we are

We are a happily married couple who found each other later in life. We met in 2017 and married in 2019. Nicole was trying to overcome a fear of motorbikes (they are so dangerous), and Michael was a motorbike instructor (they’re safer than quad bikes)! Michael has 3 children from a previous marriage and Nicole also has 3 children, so between us we have 3 girls and 3 boys, the modern day Brady Bunch! 

All of our children are now adults, so we sold the family home and started exploring.

What we are doing

In 2021, we decided to travel and work while we explore Australia, discovering each area on the weekends.

I have a full-time job working remotely for an IT company. 

Nicole works short term Environmental contracts in various regions, and this dictates the next location we explore. 

This way we get to thoroughly explore each region before we move on to a new area every few months.

By doing this we hope to be able to provide you with a more in-depth viewpoint on each region as we pass through. 

Why we decided
to do this

Not long after we got married Nicole completed her University degree and was looking for work. We worked out that I would be able to easily find a job in IT at any new location, so Nicole deviated from city job applications to rural and we haven’t looked back.  

The first location was a 3-month contract in Cairns that turned into 16 months before we knew it. 

After a brief stay in Innisfail we ended up in Mackay.

This was where we experienced our first struggle with trying to find somewhere to live, there was no rental accommodation anywhere.

We re-evaluated what we were doing and ended up buying a large caravan to live in while working in new locations.


What we have
done so far

Before we decided to travel for work, we had already completed a few different holidays. We will populate pages for these locations as time allows:


A family reunion for Michael in 2017, along with the opportunity for Nicole to meet Michaels family.

Central Coast (NSW)
Various road trips. 
This is the holiday we took when Michael proposed in 2019
This trip was taken in Oct 2020. Flights were really cheap because of Covid. 

While living in Cairns, we found so many things to do. You will find that Cairns is a really large section. We loved Cairns, apart from the humidity. 

Cape York

During our time in Cairns, we decided to take some time off and drive the PDR and the Old Telegraph Track up to the tip of Cape York. We had three weeks to complete this trip which we did in August 2021. 


We learnt that the combination of the highest annual rainfall in Australia and the humidity of far north Queensland was not a good combination for my mould allergy. We lived here from April 2022 until September 2022.


This is where Nicole had a 12-month contract. Neither of us really enjoyed Mackay, we both ended up with COVID during this time. We were in this region from October 2022 until October 2023. 

New Zealand
During our time in Mackay, we were able to finally book in our honeymoon to New Zealand.
We got married in June 2019 and decided we would do the trip to New Zealand for our 1-year anniversary. Thanks to Covid, that did not work out. This trip was taken in September 2023. 
South Burnett

After leaving Mackay, Michael was able to continue working for the same company for a few months until they found a full time onsite replacement for the position. This was only a couple of week before Nicole’s contract was finishing up and he decided to not start looking for a new position until we knew where we were moving to next. This is when the website started to take shape. 

North Burnett
After only been here a short amount of time, Michael was offered a full time position working remotely for a company based in Sydney with offices throughout Australia. This means that from now on, he is a full-time remote worker with no need to reapply for different positions every 3-6 months when we move to the next location. 
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